Mural with cacti and 100% boys tears

Sacramento is well known for its public art and has hundreds of murals. Many are random and anonymous, but about 160 of them were created by local, national, and international artists as part of the Wide Open Walls festival, which has been held annually since 2016. 

Driving through downtown or midtown, you'll see many murals without even specifically looking for them. That's what happened to us the other day. A few had already flashed by when I spotted this one:

Cacti!!! Of course I had to stop and take some pictures.

Not just cacti and possibly some potted aloes, but three girl characters with big hair and a healthy dose of attitude: one holding a burning lighter, the other a black cat, and the third a book, with a drink carton of “100% boys tears” next to her. That cracked me up.

This mural was created in 2018 by Ilse Valfré, a Mexican artist now living in Los Angeles. According to her website, “[f]rom a young age, drawing has been her therapy and provided an escape into another world where she could control the narrative. Her whimsical style celebrates the female spirit and she's well known for her vivacious characters that exude an essence of confidence, sass and allure.”

The Wide Open Walls website lets you view all the murals, select the ones you're interested in, and create a customized tour so you can visit them at your leisure. Art is a great antidote to the Covid blues!

Note: Ilse Valfré's mural is at 1815 K St. in Sacramento.

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  1. So much more interesting than most graffiti! I appreciated all the detail in Valfre's creation - from the band-aid to the drink box ;)

  2. Great initiative by local government: support of local artists to everyone's benefit, while contrasting the difference between wall murals and graffiti defacing public property.


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