Plant Depot display beds and koi pond

As promised in my recent post on Plant Depot Nursery in San Juan Capistrano, here's a quick tour of their street-side landscaping and newly renovated koi pond. Display beds do require upkeep, but since nurseries are about selling plants, they're a sound investment. Beyond that, they create a sense of wonder and delight and put customers in a purchase-ready frame of mind. At least that's my layperson's analysis of consumer psychology.

The display plantings at Plant Depot are done right, as you can see below. The street-side beds are a gift to succulent lovers since they're heavy on agaves, aloes, cactus, and cactoid euphorbias.

Cactus-like euphorbias frame one of the entrances to the parking lot

Agave salmiana var. ferox 'Mediopicta' and Echinocactus grusonii

Echinocactus grusonii and Agave salmiana var. ferox 'Mediopicta'

Alluaudia proceraEchinocactus grusonii, and Agave guiengola

Agave weberi, Euphorbia millii, and Opuntia robusta

Opuntia robusta

Aloe alooides

Aloidendron 'Hercules'

Aloe marlothii

Aloe marlothii and Echinocactus grusonii

Aloe carpet

Aloe vanbalenii

Agave angustifolia 'Marginata' (left) and Agave titanota

Wider view; the tree is a Dracaena draco

Agave ovatifolia

Agave ovatifolia and Aloe nobilis

Agave lophantha 'Quadricolor' pushing a flower stalk

Agave lophantha 'Quadricolor' with emerging flower stalk

Moving from the sidewalk plantings to the display beds inside the nursery:

Dragon fruit cactus (Selenicereus undatus) climbing up a palm tree trunk, underplanted with a dense carpet of echeverias

Similar plantings, except the palm tree trunk is festooned with bromeliads

I love how tightly the echeverias are packed together

Echeveria closeup

Echeveria closeup

Echeveria closeup

Since my last visit in August 2019, the koi pond has been rebuilt. It's smaller but deeper now, which, according to a friend, is better for the koi. The plants around the pond are choice selections of succulents, bromeliads, proteaceae, and perennials.

The blue agaves are Agave attenuata 'Boutin Blue', with a variegated Beaucarnea recurvata in between

Agave attenuata 'Boutin Blue' with Leucadendron 'Jester' and a yellow-flowering Leucospermum

Agave attenuata 'Boutin Blue' with yellow-flowering Leucospermum

Unfortunately, I don't know which Leucospermum this is

Agave attenuata 'Boutin Blue'

Dasylirion longissimum

Bromeliads and aeoniums

Neoregelia and Sedum rupestre 'Angelina'

Another Neoregelia...

...and another

Aechmea blanchetiana

Aechmea blanchetiana

Crassula multicava (flowering) and Acacia cognata 'Cousin Itt'

The beautiful display beds and the fully stocked tables definitely put me in a buying mood. I'll reveal my purchases in a separate post, coming up soon.

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  1. Great displays to demonstrate to succulent-phobic visitors how much color and variety you can get from drought tolerant landscapes heavy on succulents. I'll get to Plant Depot some day!

  2. What a great nursery-I don't know how I failed to stop by there on my last trip south. Those streetside beds are dialed in !

  3. Well those were just gorgeous photos! Thanks for documenting!

  4. The Aechmea blanchetiana at the base of the palm trees is so impressive. Also, in photo #24, one of those palms have a hanging display of bromeliads (?) which is quite fantastic.

  5. Wow, the echeverias and bromeliad displays are incredible. I wonder how many echeveria plants were needed? Look forward to seeing what your purchased.


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