Cleaning up for Halloween

The flagstone walkway to the front door has been getting narrower and narrower these past few years as I’ve been adding pot after pot of succulents. With Halloween upon us, my wife suggested I clear the walkway, not only to avoid damage to my plants but also to prevent bodily harm to the trick-or-treaters.


These well-armed succulents could definitely cause a boo-boo or two

While cleaning up is not my favorite chore, I had to agree with my wife so I did a blitz shuffle this morning.



OK, these empty pots really don’t have to be there


This is beginning to look messy


Sometimes I think I have too many plants…


This small rack is right next to the front door. Please are always tempted to touch these aeoniums.


View from the front door



View from the front door after I removed most of the plants


Time to pressure-wash the flagstone to get rid of the water stains


I even removed a few culms from the Alphonse Karr bamboo
so people don’t have to duck to get to the front door

Where did all the plants go, you might wonder. Well, I tucked them away here and there.


This will also protect them from the next rain storm predicted for late today and tomorrow.

Happy Halloween, everybody!



  1. I don't think it looked messy before (but don't tell your wife we said that..). Far from it! But I suppose you did need to make it easier for trick or treaters to pass by.

    Happy Halloween!

    1. Thanks, guys, nice of you to say. We had fewer trick or treaters this year, probably because it started to rain, but at least nobody got hurt.

      My prediction is that the plants I moved today will magically reappear in their old place with 24 hours :-).

  2. If you turn all your lights off and pretend you're not home, you could avoid the whole thing. Your walk is quite handsome and it's nice to see more of it but honestly, I liked the way it looked before, too. About that comment regarding having too many plants. There is no such thing! You may simply have too little property.

    1. I agree with what you said: We definitely have too little property. Aaaah, what I could do with an acre or two. I fear it would be my family's worst nightmare, LOL.

  3. Oh but it would have been so Halloween perfect for the little goblins to walk the path of pain to get their treat! Still, it looks great...and as a bonus you now have more room for new plants!

    1. You and I are on the same wavelength. Only trick or treaters who got poked by a succulent should get candy :-).

  4. Bahaha "Sometimes I think I have too many plants".. Boy does this ring through one's mind in the midst of spending an afternoon moving plants. Good show, so many great specimens.


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