Rain, rain, go away…

In spring, one of the things I look forward to most during the week is working in the yard on the weekend. There are so many things that need attention, and I’m eager to get cracking on them, but the rain made yard work impossible this past weekend.

This is what it was like on Sunday afternoon.

Looking out from our upstairs window
At least the Bradford pear looks pretty. Our neighbors across the street have some mighty tall redwoods (on the right).
I covered the succulent bed next to our front door to keep at least some of the rain off the agaves and aloes
Cactus display table, covered again as well. Note the leaves and other debris on the ground, knocked off the trees by the high winds we had on Saturday. My simple tarp setup held up beautifully in the wind.
Tropical bed in the front yard, flooded. The bucket catches the overflow from a partially clogged gutter which we haven’t had the chance to clean out yet. Squirrels messed with one of gutter guards so leaves and other crud got into the gutter.
Asian garden in our back yard as seen through the dining room window

I know that come July when it’s hot and dry I will look at these photos with nostalgia and longing, but for now, I’m officially sick of the rain, the beneficial effects to the California water economy notwithstanding. Here’s hoping for a few dry and sunny days at the end of this week!


  1. Nothing like rain to give plants a beautiful, glossy look to it :-) Hopefully you'll that dry day soon so you can do lots in the garden

  2. Blue skies, white puffy clouds and lots of sunshine this morning--yeah!!! More rain forecast for tonight, but at least for now humans and plants alike are happy to soak up some rays.


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