The demise of Creepy Joe

For a month this 7 ft. scarecrow has been standing guard at our front door. It’s a fisherman, complete with a creel and bamboo fishing pole, and it even has Gore-Tex boots and a Ralph Lauren shirt (wonder what guy was duped into getting rid of those). While its face is quite cheery, it sheer size is enough to give you the chills, especially if have a vivid imagination and are a horror movie addict like I am.


Anyway, Halloween is over and the time has come to say goodbye to Creepy Joe.

It is just a scarecrow filled with straw after all!
Pants with nobody inside them
Ashes to ashes, and straw into compost tumbler

That’s the end of Joe the Fisherman. May he make good compost!

Good thing our younger daughter’s elementary school will have another scarecrow auction next year.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!