Collecting rocks and succulents: Kyle's garden in Sacramento

My friend Kyle is a geologist by profession, and many pieces of his extensive rock and mineral collection have found their way into his garden in Sacramento. This post from July has been one of 2022’s most viewed posts on Succulents and More. Kyle was interested in some offsets from a clump of Agave macroacantha I’d recently removed from our sidewalk bed and I offered to make a home delivery. Of course I had an ulterior motive: to see the latest changes in his garden. This was the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and since traffic was surprisingly light, I made it to Kyle’s house in under 25 minutes. Kyle’s potted cactus collection is in the bed of a 1946 Ford pickup. The truck runs and is mostly used for dump runs when needed—but for now it’s a perfect stage for Kyle’s immaculately grown plants. As you can see below, many of the arrangements feature colorful pieces of rock. Two forms of Opuntia microdasys . They may look soft to the touch, but the fuzzy parts are actually gloch