Bamboo Geek: All About Bamboo Plants and Other Related Topics
Blog by Sean Bigley aka Mad Man Bamboo ( Updated several times a month. Lots of useful information about bamboo and advance notices about events at Sean's backyard bamboo nursery in Rocklin, CA.

It's Not Work, It's Gardening!
Highly informative blog by St Louis, Missouri gardener Alan Lorence. Updated daily. Very well written and lavishly illustrated. Lots of gardening projects that are of interest to gardeners all over the country. I find this blog to be a great source of inspiration.

Alternative Eden
A beautifully written and illustrated blog from U.K. gardeners Mark and Gaz who grow a wide range of hardy exotic and tropical plants in their lush garden north of London. I continue to be amazed and inspired by what they have achieved.

Cactus Jungle Blog
Information-packed blog about cacti and succulents from the owners of Cactus Jungle Nursery in Berkeley, CA. Helpful tips, advice to readers who send in questions, witty observations about plants (and life), and tons of stunning photographs. Updated daily.


The biggest online forum for bamboo aficionados. The place to visit to exchange information with fellow 'boo nuts and to learn from experts who've grown bamboo for many years. More than 5,000 photos of more than 480 varieties.

Bamboo Forum on GardenWeb
Not quite as much traffic as BambooWeb but still worth a visit every couple of weeks.  

American Bamboo Society
Site desperately needs a face lift but it does have the most current Species Source List of the ABS. This invaluable resource lists virtually all bamboos currently available in the U.S. and Canada.